Human Anatomy

Kindey L.S. Anatomy Kindey L.S. Anatomy US$128.00 Buy Now
Muscle Fibre Anatomy Muscle Fibre Anatomy US$98.00 Buy Now
Nose and Olfactory, 4x Life Size Nose and Olfactory, 4x Life Size US$129.95 Buy Now
Nose with Parasasal Sinuses Nose with Parasasal Sinuses US$168.00 Buy Now
Pelvis with Testicles Pelvis with Testicles US$98.00 Buy Now
Rectum Model Rectum Model US$148.00 Buy Now
Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings US$92.00 Buy Now
Type of Dental Diseases Type of Dental Diseases US$132.00 Buy Now

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1 x Dissection Model, Starfish
1 x Dissection Model, Locust
1 x Typical Flower, 17 Parts
1 x Microscope Glass Slides, Plain, 50pk
1 x Cell Model, Plant, Economy
1 x Slide Storage Box, Polypropylene, 100 Slides
1 x Leaf, Dicot, V.S.
1 x Dicot Flower
1 x Eyepiece Graticule, Horizontal Scale 10x0.1mm & 19mm Dia
1 x Cell Model, Plant
1 x Human Ear, 2x Life Size, 3 Parts
1 x Microscope Cover Glasses, 18x18mm, 100pk
1 x Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper, 100 Leaves
1 x Canine Jaw
1 x Human Ear, Giant 5x Life Size
1 x 9 Stages of Gestation
1 x Prepared Slides, General Botany, Set of 25
1 x Cell Meiosis, Plant
1 x Dissection Model, Ascaris, Male and Female
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic DIN, X10/0.25
1 x Leaf, Monocot, Isobilateral (Zea Mays)
1 x Microscope Cover Glasses, 22x22mm, 100pk
1 x Eyepiece Graticule, Vertical Scale 10x0.1mm & 19mm Dia
1 x Human Digestive System, Life Size, 2 Parts
1 x Artery and Vein Anatomy
1 x Dissection Model, Fish (Carp)
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic, X10/0.25
1 x Human Eye with Orbit, 3x Life Size, 9 Parts
1 x Human Brain, Life Size, 4 Parts
1 x Dissection Model, Frog
1 x Micro Slides Blood Grouping
1 x Prepared Slides, Comprehensive, Set of 100
1 x Brain Section
1 x Seed Dicot, Germination Stages (Pea)
1 x Microscope Eyepiece Wide Field (10X)
1 x Slide Storage Box, Polypropylene, 25 Slides
1 x Human Brain with Arteries, Life Size, 8 Parts
1 x Colon C.S. 4 stages
1 x Dissection Model, Rat, Female
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic, X40/0.65
1 x Eyepiece Graticule, Horizontal Scale 10x0.1mm & 21mm Dia
1 x Slide Storage Box, Hinged Clear Lid, 100 Slides
1 x Leaf, Monocot, V.S.
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic DIN, X40/0.65
1 x Prepared Slides, Protozoa & Algae, Set of 20
1 x Human Ear, 3x Life Size, 6 Parts
1 x Dissecting Instruments Set (20 piece)
1 x Slide Dispender, 50 Slides
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic DIN, X100/1.25
1 x Prepared Slides, Human Histology, Set of 25
1 x Prepared Slides, Basic, Set of 25
1 x Microscope Eyepiece H (10X)
1 x Cell Mitosis, Plant
1 x Stem, Dicot, T.S. and L.S. (Heliantus Annuus)
1 x Artery C.S. 4 stages
1 x Dissection Model, Hen
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic, X100/1.25
1 x Human Eye, 5x Life Size, 6 Parts
1 x DNA Molecule Construction Kit
1 x Prepared Slides, Animal Histology, Set of 50
1 x Eye Retina Anatomy
1 x Binocular Microscope, Advance
1 x Prepared Slides, Algae Survey, Set of 15
1 x Microscope Eyepiece Wide Field (15X)
1 x Seed Monocot, Germination Stages (Maize)
1 x Colon Model
1 x Dissection Model, Cockroach, Male
1 x Microscope Polarizing Kit
1 x Root, Monocot, T.S. and L.S.
1 x Eyepiece Graticule, Vertical Scale 10x0.1mm & 21mm Dia
1 x Bronchus C.S. 4 Stages
1 x Dissecting Microscope
1 x Prepared Slides, General Morphology, Set of 20
1 x Digestive System Tissue Anatomy
1 x Microscope Objective Achromatic DIN, X4/0.10